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Cutler Investment Counsel is committed to safeguarding clients’ confidential information, and maintains a privacy policy detailing the procedures taken to ensure this protection. This policy is available by clicking here.

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments involve risk, including the loss of principle. Portfolio risks are unpredictable and may have greater downside risk than historical results suggest. Cutler’s investment advice does not serve as an assurance or guarantee of any future results, and investors acknowledge the risks of an investment prior to accepting Cutler’s investment advice.

This content of this website is limited to offering prospective clients general information about Cutler’s services, and offering current clients access to their account information via secure access. The material on this website should not be construed as investment advice, and any opinions expressed herein are subject to change at any time without notification. Cutler serves as advisor to the Cutler Equity Fund, and any reference to the Fund herein should not be considered an offer to invest. Always read a Fund prospectus before investing. A copy of the Fund prospectus is available upon request.

Opinions expressed on this site or in the articles accessible are subject to change without notice and, due to the rapidly changing nature of the security markets, may quickly become outdated. Specifically, any newsletters, audio commentary, or other opinions expressed herein should not be construed by any consumer and/or prospect or client as Cutler’s solicitation to effect, or attempt to effect transactions in securities, or the providing of investment advice over the internet. Any information published herein does not serve as a substitute for in-person advice from a Cutler investment professional, and investment decisions should not be made strictly upon information provided on this website. Cutler does not accept responsibility in any way for unaffiliated third-party’s referencing or linking of information provided on this website. 

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