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Institutional Consulting


Our Process

The onset of any successful relationship is establishing expectations. Cutler Advisors work hard to identify your institutional goals through the development or review of existing client guidelines or drafting an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Your IPS will help guide the appropriate portfolio solution. Cutler will create a portfolio using underlying Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which is a methodology that identifies correlations between asset classes and optimizes portfolio risks based on historical volatility. Our Investment Team periodically revises our capital market assumptions, in order to identify portfolios that complement our market outlook. Out team will develop customized benchmarks appropriate for your asset allocation and produce financial reports that meet your Institution's reporting needs. 

Whenever possible, Cutler believes costs should be minimized. However, ultimately, we are focused on providing portfolio solutions that best position your institution to meeting its goals. 

Your Team

We take great pride in the experience, education, and background of our team. We continue to build upon this great foundation, growing our team’s expertise and investment experience. Our strength is our diversity of thought and our ability to form consensus using these different points of view.


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